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Automation Controllers

At Industrial Indexing Systems we offer automation controllers for single and multi-axis production machinery synchronizing up to 32 servo axes, I/O and auxiillary equipment in a real time process environment. Our real time control high performance technology performs:
  • indexing
  • positioning
  • complex motion trajectors
  • high speed registration
  • electronic gearing
  • electronic cams
  • programmable limit functions
  • various other applications
 Controller Product Line

Multi - Axis
The heart of a multi-axis automation system is the ability to synchronize the motion of multiple motors to a designated “master” source device. Depending on the machine application, a source device may be an encoder measuring web travel, position
feedback from another motor that is driving a feed roll, or a (software) motor. A Virtual Motor provides a software-configured internal master source with control over its virtual distance, speed and acceleration.

Emax Series Drives
The Emax Servo Drive can be configured as a standalone full featured position controller and drive combo or used in a networked automation system.

Emerald Emax Drive Brochure
Emerald Motors & Drives Tech Manual
Emax Servo Drives


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