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Automation Controllers

At Industrial Indexing Systems we offer automation controllers for single and multi-axis production machinery synchronizing up to 32 servo axes, I/O and auxiillary equipment in a real time process environment. Our real time control high performance technology performs:
  • indexing
  • positioning
  • complex motion trajectors
  • high speed registration
  • electronic gearing
  • electronic cams
  • programmable limit functions
  • various other applications
 Controller Product Line

Programmable Automation Controllers
The heart of a multi-axis automation system is the ability to synchronize the motion of multiple motors to a designated “master” source device. Depending on the machine application, a source device may be an encoder measuring web travel, position
feedback from another motor that is driving a feed roll, or a (software) motor. A Virtual Motor provides a software-configured internal master source with control over its virtual distance, speed and acceleration.
Emerald Technology

EMC 2100 Controller Tech Manual
   Sercos II
 Sercos III

Emerald Servo Drives
The Emerald Servo Drives can be configured as a standalone full featured position controller and drive combo or used in a networked automation system.

Drive Tech Manual
Emax Servo Drives

Luminary Technology

Luminary series products include single axis and multi-axis motor and drive systems functioning in torque, velocity or position control modes.
Ideal for light industrial, biomedical, light material handling systems providing quiet operation.
G-code conversion routines available for programming coordinated motion sequences.

 Luminary Brochure

The LMC-400 Luminary Automation Controller features multi-axis
capability to control four Luminary Series drives and provide access
to 36 I/O points. The LMC-400 features a master encoder input bus
and four drive ports for synchronized motion and coordinated I/O.
Touchscreens, ASCII terminals, or a PC can connect to one of two
serial ports for operator interaction or remote access control.  

Controller Tech Manual
The Luminary Series Drives provide the OEM market with
a low cost alternative to current stepper or servo control
systems. Common hardware platforms and flexible software
configurations result in a cost effective high volume
manufacturing environment.  

Drive/Motor Tech Manual

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