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Design of Custom Servo Automation System for the Rotocut Sheeting Machine for the Converting Industry

Rotocut HS Sheeting Machine Rotocut ST Sheeting Machine

Today's high speed web presses produce catalogs, brochures, newspaper supplements, preprinted forms and other printed pieces at more than one thousand copies per minute.

Industrial Indexing designed and manufactured the servo automation system for the Rotocut Sheeter, which takes the web of paper and cuts it into sheets of a specific length. Providing accuracy of +/- 0.2mm per cut at over 1000 feet per minute requires equipment that is incredibly accurate and reliable.

The Rotocut Sheeter processes the paper though a system of precision wheels, pulleys, gears, belts, mechanical fingers and a very impressive servo controlled cross cutter moving at speeds up to 12.5 meters per second. As the web of paper is drawn into the sheeter by the infeed roller, it passes under the rotating knife on the cutting cylinder. In an action resembling a scissors, the paper is squeezed between the knife cylinder and another knife blade mounted on the bed of the sheeter. In less than a hundredth of a second the cut is made and the cylinder is ready for follow-on operations such as stacking, folding, etc.

Industrial Indexing has outfitted many of the servo systems for the Rotocut Sheeters worldwide. To learn more about The Rotocut Sheeter, see the table below or contact Industrial Indexing directly regarding servo systems.

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Custom Servo Automation System for the Rotocut Sheeting Machine Project Highlights

Product Description The Rotocut Sheeter is the Most Versatile Sheeter in the World; Running Paper, Pharmaceutical Stock, Board, Wax Paper and Film. The Rotocut has Built its Reputation as a Sheeter that Consistently Outperforms Expectations and Obligations. Available Widths are 508mm - 1651mm and Cut Lengths of 152mm - 1651mm.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Industrial Indexing Systems Designed and Manufactured the SERCOS Based Custom Servo Automation System for the Rotocut Series Sheeting Machines for the Material Converting Industry.

Servo System Design:

  • Design Incorporated the Emerald Multi-Axis Automation Controller, 2 Servo Motors, Emerald Servo Drives, Fiber Optic Devices, and a 10.2" Operator Interface
  • Emerald Programming Language (EML - Emerald Motion Language) has a Powerful set of Math, Motion, I/O and Networking Instructions for This Custom Designed Software Application Program
  • Servo System Provides Precise Phase Synchronism Between the Press and the Sheeter
  • For Synchronization an Optical Encoder is Mechanically Coupled to the Press and is fed to the Servo Controls as a Speed and Position Reference
  • Servo Controller Drives the Motors Attached to the Feed Roll and Cutting Cylinder
  • Servo Controller Accepts Operator Interface Input as to Cut Length and Press Pitch and Calculates Precise Electronic Ratios Between The Press and the Two Motors to Facilitate the Correct Cut Length
  • The Most Demanding Part of the Application is Keeping the Cutting Cylinder Phase Locked to the Press Cylinder so the Cut Occurs Precisely at the Proper Edge of the Printed Sheet
Sheeter Specifications
  • 70,000 Impression Per Hour
  • High-Speed Cross Cutter for Speeds up to 12.5 m/s
  • Highest Cutting Accuracy up to +/- 0.2mm (Print to Cut)
Materials Processed
  • Paper
  • Paper Board
  • Carton
  • Wax paper
  • Film
System Features
  • Print-to-Cut Register System
  • Remote Diagnosis via Modem
  • Infinitely Variable Cutoff
  • Push Button Size Change
  • Direct Drive Servo Driven
  • Integrated Cutoff Control
  • Exclusive Air Profiling System
  • Exclusive Automatic Tension Monitoring System
  • Central Automated Lube System
  • Deep Pile Delivery or Batching & Stacking Capability
  • Up to 50" Long Cut, 50" Wide
  • Capable of Running Folded Product
Industry for Use
  • Web Printing Presses
  • Material Converting
  • Cutting
  • Packaging
Locations More than 1,000 installations worldwide
Product Name Rotocut Sheeting Machine

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