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Factory Automation and Control System Design

Design & Fabrication, Include Engineering for OEMFactory automation system design and fabrication services offered by Industrial Indexing Systems are completely integrated systems that are designed from motor shaft to automation controller. Our motion control systems are designed to suit any application based on customer needs.

Our services, in addition to design and fabrication, include engineering, enclosure / panel fabrication, and turn-key automation systems.  We primarily integrate with Toshiba Machine servomotors, but utilize other manufacturers as well depending on the application.  Our motors have capabilities of 30 to 55,000 W, 1500 to 6000 RPM, and are available in 115, 230, 460 VAC.  We support numerous industry protocols including CAN bus, Sercos, DeviceNet, and Ethernet TCP/IP.  

Our complete servo motor and control systems feature hardware, software, and operator interfaces that are properly chosen for each application. We have over 30 years of control experience and are confident that we can integrate modern motion control technology into any operation.

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Factory Automation and Control System Design Capabilities

General Capabilities Engineering Services
Application Engineering
Machine Control Integration
Drive Design
Controller Design
Operator Interface Screen Development
Motion Software Development
Build to Print
Machine Design and Build
Panel Design and Fabrication
Field Installations
Machine Commissioning
Pre-Sales Technical Support
Post-Sales Technical Support
Hardware / Software Training
Online Repair System for Industrial Indexing Systems, TOEI-Velconic, and Toshiba Machine Equipment
Examples of Automation Control
Multi-Axis Synchronization
Electronic Gearing
Electronic Cam Profiles
Dynamic Cam Table Switching
Torque Control
Velocity Control
Master / Slave Coordination
Multi-Master Setups
Industry Focus
Material Thermoforming
Medical Devices
Printing and Packaging
Food Processing
Beverage and Container
Industrial Sewing
Material Perforating, Punching, and Inserting
Pick & Place Conveyor System
Rotary Knife Cut-Off System
Rotary Package Sealing
Cut to Length w/ Stacking Control
Web Processing Rotary Logo Printer
Reciprocating Insert Applicators
Industrial Sewing Systems
Packaging Systems
Labeling Machines
X-Y Tables
Roll Feeding Machines
Paper / Foil Converting Systems
Form, Fill and Seal Machines
PET Blow-Molding Machines
Industry Standards Open DeviceNet Vendor Association (ODVA) (PDF - 183 KB)
SERCOS (Serial Real-Time Communications System) (PDF - 1.67 MB)
CC-Link Partner Association (PDF - 11.2 MB)
CE / UL / JIC / Canadian UL
Automation Controllers IIS Emerald EMC-2100S3 - SERCOS III (Real Time Ethernet)
IIS Emerald EMC-2100S2 - SERCOS II (Fiber Optic)
IIS Emerald EMAX - Standalone Controller / Drive Combo
IIS Luminary LCMC - Low Cost High Volume Drive Network
Software - Emerald Motion Language (EML) / Emerald Development Environment (EDE)
Toshiba Machine SCARA Robot - TS2000, TS2100, TSL3000
Toshiba Machine Cartesian Robot - CA10
Servo Motors and Amplifiers 30 Watts to 55,000 Watts
1,500 RPM to 6,000 RPM
IP44 through IP65
Custom and Brake Motors
Low and Medium Inertia Models
Resolver / Encoder / Absolute Feedback Options
Toshiba Machine / HPB Motors
Toshiba Machine Amplifiers
IIS Luminary LD - Low Cost High Volume Drive Network
IIS Servo Motors Series
Supported Protocols
USB / CAN bus / Rs232 / Rs485
IIS Link (Operator Interface)
Sercos II Drive and I/O Network
Sercos III Drive and I/O Network
Sercos Automation Bus
DeviceNet Slave and Master
Ethernet TCP/IP
Available Accessories Cable Sets (Custom and Standard Lengths, High Flex)
Gear Boxes
Linear Actuators (Ballscrew / Rod / Belt and Pulley)
Operator Interfaces (4.3" to 15" Color Touch Screen)
Variable Frequency Drives
Cartesian and SCARA Robots

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