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Industrial Indexing Systems

Industrial Indexing Systems Designs and ManufacturesMotion Control Components and Systems Specializing in Servo Motion Control

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Our servo motors, drives, and motion controllers provide automation system solutions and are used in the most demanding applications, requiring high performance, high quality positioning accuracy, high reliability, and energy efficiency

Industrial Indexing Systems provides high performance motion control products for a wide range of machinery automation. Including servomotors, servo drives and motion controllers, as well as repair and support services.

Industrial Indexing Systems is a supplier of turnkey automation systems specializing in mechatronic type systems that include mechanics, motion control, and software.

Let's Get Moving!
Today's automation machinery designs strive to be as energy efficient as possible.
To achieve that efficiency, IIS can help you choose a sevomotor and drive package that provides
the minimum power needed for the machine motion that's required.
To zero in on the power profile required, only basic facts are needed...
  • How Much are you going to move --> the load.
  • How Far will the load need to move --> length of travel.
  • How Fast is it required to get there --> move time.
  • How Often does it need to move --> cycle time.
Using these parameters IIS will select the best motor/drive combination for the speed, torque, and
actuator gearing required to help minimize the energy used in every cycle of the machine.
IIS guaranties 100% system performance that's backed by 40 years of experience designing and
manufacturing control systems.

IIS offers a wide range of servomotor systems with power ranging from 50 watts to 50,000 watts that
will meet electronic motion requirements for packaging, converting, and material handling applications.
IIS provides servo drive packages for new designs and machine retrofits.

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