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Luminary Servo Motion Series Controls & Drives

In the OEM market, keeping costs down while maintaining high performance is a top priority. Your bottom line is directly related to the product you incorporate into the equipment you manufacture, so getting the highest quality at the lowest price is important. The IIS Luminary Series is geared for just that.

The Luminary Servo Motion Series includes a versatile motion controller, multi-axis servo capability and hardware and software integration, all at a cost less than most competitors. With the Emerald Development Environment (EDE software tools) you will have complete access to all servo motors, external encoders, digital switches and an array of sensors in one window. All this packaged in a system that is smaller, more practical and designed with the OEM in mind.

The Luminary Servo Motion Series is used in a wide range of applications: everything from x-y tables to linear actuators to nip-roll feeders. When positioning, velocity and torque control are required, this is the exact system to do it precisely as it was designed to do. Other control systems may have similar functionality, but with over 35+ years of experience in the business, IIS offers quality in the automation industry that is difficult to match.

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