Industrial Indexing has experience and expertise with a wide range of motion control systems ideally suited for OEM and End-User machines. Fully engineered systems are turnkey solutions, right down to cabinets and panels from our UL-rated shop.

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Medical Applications Leverage Precise Speed Controls

Bioreactors Leverage Precise Speed Control

Bioprocess control stations and benchtop bioreactors use servo motor controls to implement more sophisticated bioreactor control strategies.

Modern Mfg flexible liquid pouching machines

Flexible Pouching Machines

Modern Manufacturing leads the way with pouch making machinery that is flexible to set up and operate, and fast and…

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Rotary Package Sealing

Conveyor systems with side seal heated rolls and rotary cutter/sealer drum offer high performance packaging automation. A series of products, such as candy bars, are fed into the sealing machine equally spaced on a conveyor. A second inline conveyor is…

Rotary Knife Cutoff

Cut-to-length process uses a rotary knife cutter and “recipe” storage to create flexible automation solution. A web of material is fed into the machine by a prime mover. The machine must cut the web into regular length pieces or follow…

Pick and Place Conveyor

Pick & Place Conveyor

Pick & place conveyor systems use X, Y, and Z positioning to provide high performance motion control. A machine places completed product on a conveyor in a five-abreast configuration. Another downstream packaging machine requires that the product be two, three,…

Registered Can Embossing

An advanced servo system offers a new level of performance for registered can embossing in the packaging/beverage industry. This automated system embosses a body at production speeds up to 1,500 cans per minute. This IIS system design incorporated 24 servo…