Vertical Face Wood Veneer Slicer

Design & Manufacturing of Custom Servo Control System for a Vertical Face Wood Veneer Slicer

Design & Manufacturing of Custom Servo Control System for a Vertical Face Wood Veneer Slicer

Worker at veneer slicing machineTo design and create a custom servo control system for a slicer machine, the application required that the machine slice logs weighing nearly four tons with a precision tolerance. To achieve this demand, IIS designed a 5-Axis automation control system that incorporated 3 servo motors, servo drives and 2 hydraulic servo valves all linked via a SERCOS fiber optic network. We were able to not only design, but also fabricate a 36″ x 16″ x 60″ NEMA type 12 machine enclosure to house all of the control components.

The custom slicer machine is capable of controlling slicing thicknesses from .005″ to .250″ while maintaining a tolerance within .001″, all with the push of a button controlling the servo valves. Compared to the usual manual adjustments, this innovation saves customers an immense amount of time in blade angle, and sheet thickness adjustments. We also offered on-site machine commission, including a thorough code debugging and a check of all the installation wiring.


This servo control system is fitted to a vertical face veneer slicer machine that can slice logs weighing nearly four tons with a precision tolerance.


Design of Automation Control System:

  • 5-Axis Automation System Design Incorporated 3 Servo Motors, Servo Drives, and 2 Hydraulic Servo Valves Located on Each End of the Slicing Blade
  • Each Servo Axis Linked Via a SERCOS Network
  • Design Included Emerald Automation Controller, One 10.3kW Servo Motor, and Two 1kW Servo Motors
  • Sized all Servo Motion Control Equipment Based on Customer Specifications

Design and Build 2-Axis Slave (SERCOS) Linear Servo Drive Controller

  • Controls Angle of Cutting Blade

Software Design and Documentation

  • Coded, Documented and Archived the Software Based on Customer Specification
  • Documented Entire Project in a Technical Manual

On-Site Machine Commissioning/Start-Up

  • Check Installation Wiring
  • Debug Code

Enclosure Specifications

  • IS1-Industry Specs
  • NEMA Type 12
  • UL Lister Type 12
  • CSA Type 12
  • IEC 60529 IP 55
  • Length: 36.00″
  • Width: 16.00″
  • Width: 16.00″ Height: 60.00″


  • Controls Slicing Thickness from .005″ to .250″
    Sheet Thickness Adjusted by the Push of a Button
  • Saves 20 Minutes When Compared to Manual Adjustments
  • Maintains Precision ±.001″ Tolerance
  • Adjusts the Gap Between Blade and Pressure Bar
  • Control of Lead Angle of the Blade Attack on the Flitch
  • Can Change Blade Angle to Compensate for Blade Wear


Industry for Use

  • Wood Processing / Veneer Industry

Delivery Location

  • Canada
  • USA (Multiple Locations)

Standards Met

  • UL508A Listing Number-Enclosure
    E160787 UL508C-Servo Amplifiers
    CSA22.2-Motors & Generators
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Vertical Face Wood Veneer Slicer
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