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The Shibaura/Toshiba Machine X Series are high performance servo products available in North America with local stock, support and service. The X Series represents quality products at competitive prices.

High speed and performance

Excellent speed control is realized by the use of dedicated speed/current digital control loop hardware and high-speed sampling rate of the motor’s positioning sensor. The amplifier includes a servo loop damping function creating stable motion operations in machines of low rigidity construction.

The VLASX amplifier models offered by SHIBAURA/Toshiba Machine

The standard amplifiers feature a built-in command system that allows machine control for speed, current, direct feed and draw control. Direct feed and draw control modes utilize the pulse and direction type input or a slave encoder input. Both current and speed control utilize an analog +/- 10 VDC input command. Available in ten sizes; 2.2 to 166 Arms/phase, 230 to 460 VAC.

Built-In Machine Control Operations:

  • Speed control mode
  • Current control mode
  • Pulse and Direction Position Control mode
  • Change Speed/Current/Position mode dynamically
  • Direct feed mode
  • Draw control mode

Motor Features

  • 30 to 55kW Rated Power Output
  • 1500 to 5000 RPM Speeds
  • High Energy Density Magnets for High Performance in Small Frame Size
  • Low and Medium Inertia Models
  • Metric Mounting
  • High Torque-to-Inertia Ratio
  • Integral Holding Brakes

Servo Amplifier Features

  • +/- 10VDC Speed or Torque Control
  • Pulse and direction RS422 inputs for use as stepper replacement or with an external controller
  • 24VDC I/O General-purpose input
  • Follower encoder input for electronic gearing application
  • RS422 encoder ABZ emulation output with scalable resolution
  • Multiple Modes of Operation
    • Speed
    • Current
    • Position
    • Speed / Current / Position (Changeable on the Fly)
    • Direct Feed (Preset Speeds)
    • Draw Control (Follower Electronic Ratio)
  • Four Auto Tuning Modes →
  • Panel Mount Enclosure Design
  • Five Segment Status Display
  • Resolver, Encoder and Absolute Motor Feedback Options Simulated Encoder Output
  • ShanX PC Software Tools With Oscilloscope Functionality for the Shibaura/Toshiba drives

Control Circuit Connection

Industry Standards

  • UL /CE

Easy configuration adjustments make for
a straight forward setup

You can select four auto-tuning system modes according the servo system configuration. You can set various servo loop parameters, observe frequency analysis, monitor profile measurements, view digital input/output states, and display alarms on a personal computer using VelWin, a software designed for Microsoft Windows.

Downloadable Brochures and Specs

Amplifier Specifications

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