Luminary Motion Controller

Designed with the OEM in mind, the Luminary Series packs a full feature list of control capabilities into a low cost hardware platform.

The Luminary series includes multi-axis capability to control four Luminary Series drives and access to 36 I/O points.



  • Four port drive network hub — Interfaces to an LCSD option card installed on the LD drive.
  • Eight general purpose digital inputs and four digital outputs, 24Vdc logic, optically isolated
  • Digital inputs can also be configured for use as a master encoder input, registration marker input and position capture functions.
  • All outputs can be controlled separately or synchronized to a master and configured as programmable limit switches.
  • USB Serial (Port1) software development port
  • RS-232 Serial (Port2) for terminals and touchscreens.
  • Line input power: 100 – 250 Vac input range.
                                      100 – 265 Vac input range.


In most applications, using the versatility of the Luminary Series, an OEM machinery builder is able to integrate external logic functionally into the IIS Luminary Series to realize additional cost savings.


The Luminary Series Controller, LCMC, features multi-axis capability which will control four Luminary Series drives and provide access to 36 I/O points. The LCMC features a master encoder input bus and four drive ports for synchronized motion and coordinated I/O. Touchscreens, ASCII terminals, or a PC can connect to one of two serial ports for operator interaction or remote control.


Program the LCMC with the IIS standard Emerald Motion Language (EML) using the EDE software development tools. With over 30 years of motion control experience behind the EDE tools, IIS provides the OEM complete but simple access to its servo motors, an external encoder, input and output hardware switches and various sensors.

  • “BASIC-like” programming using (EML) Emerald Motion Language provides integer, floating point, strings, arrays, full motion functions for indexing, positioning, gear ratio, and versatile electronic cam arrays. Full control of interrupts tagged to any input, output, status flag, or timer flag.


Using the Emerald Motion Language, one can setup electronic cam motion, electronic gear ratio functions and programmable limit/drum switch control to run as high priority synchronized background
tasks. A deterministic motion bus, subroutine mapping to an interrupt manager, and access to program memory through the serial port provides the real-time environment for a flexible system with consistent results.


Luminary Series:

Luminary Servo Drives

Position, velocity and torque control.

Luminary Series servo drives offer an alternative to OEMs, and a cost-competitive alternative to stepper control systems.

Luminary Stepper Motors and Drives

Flexible design options needed by the OEM

Designed with the OEM in mind, the Luminary Series Stepper drive packs a full complement of interface options.

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