IIS Emerald motion control solutions are designed to control high speed, multi-axis production machinery. This product family includes automation controllers, motion control software, and a wide range of servo drives, motors and system accessories.

emerald automation controllers

Emerald Automation Controller

Open architecture high performance multi-axis motion controller.

Designed for demanding applications that require close synchronization of up to 32 servo axes, I/O and auxiliary equipment.

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Emerald Drive

Emerald Servo Drives

Latest servo technology offers cost effective solutions.

The Emerald Servo Drive is available in 7 size ranges: 5, 10, 20, 40 and 60 amp @ 220 VAC and 25 and 50 amp @ 440 VAC.

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Luminary Motion Controller

Luminary Motion Controllers

Full featured control capabilities in a low cost hardware platform.

The Luminary Series Controller features multi-axis capability to control four Luminary Series drives, and provide access to 36 I/O points.

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Luminary Drive

Luminary Servo Drives

Luminary Series servo drives offer an alternative to OEMs, and a cost-competitive alternative to stepper control systems.

Versatile Luminary drives, LD-330 and LD-500, are digitally controlled and will drive low cost servomotors up to 1000 watts. A standard analog input interface with encoder feedback provide the basic needs of a servomotor drive system. Input selectable velocity or torque mode provides real-time dynamic control.

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EMax Single Axis Positioner / Drive

Emax Positioner & Drive

Emerald Emax single axis positioner and drive, or networked drive in multi-axis system.

In single-axis applications the Emerald Emax drive can be enabled as a stand-alone, single-axis position controller and drive combination. In a multi-axis Emerald system, the Emax is networked with the multi-axis EMC-2100 programmable automation controller.

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Emerald System Accessories

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