EMax Positioner/Drive

In single-axis applications, the Emerald drive can be enabled as a stand-alone position controller and drive combination (EMAX mode).

When in EMax mode, one Emerald Drive can be programmed as a stand-alone combination position controller and drive for single-motor applications. Just as a multi-axis Emerald system, you use the same programming language with the EMAX as the EMC-2100 programmable automation controller. Standardizing on drive hardware can reduce spares inventory.

The Emerald Series servo drives and motors use the latest servo technology to bring cost-effective solutions to the automation market. A wide range of sizes and feature-rich capabilities make the Emerald servo drive the most versatile servo system on the market. Incorporating advanced control design minimizes hardware cost while maximizing performance.


  • Analog I/O, one +/- 10 volt input and one PWM style output.
  • Auxiliary encoder, ABZ RS422 interface with an optional resolver interface also available.
  • Two high-speed position “trap” inputs for storing a snap shot of a encoder position relative to a sensor to provide web or product registration control.
  • The Extended I/O bus will interface up to two Emerald 16 position I/O racks (ESD-IO16) providing an additional 32 I/O points per drive. Two rack types are available to meet AC, DC, low voltage, and high voltage requirements.
  • Seven segment status display for quick fault determination.
  • Watchdog timer with safety loop contact for external shut-down control.
  • High-speed digital signal processing (DSP) hardware to control motor position, velocity and torque.
  • Selectable current loop switching frequency; Choose the 16 KHz frequency when maximum performance and minimum audible noise is required or choose either 4 or 8 KHz for maximum power.
  • USB port for easy interfacing to laptop PC for programming, drive diagnostic and setup procedures.
  • Designed to operate in the industrial environment at temperatures of up to 55°C at full rated power

The Emerald EMAX is available in 7 size ranges: 5, 10, 20, 40 and 60 amp @ 220 VAC and 25 and 50 amp @ 440 VAC. Emerald servo motors are available from 400W to 21Kw, 1500 to 6000 RPM rated speeds with low and medium rotor inertia versions.


Selecting the proper motor and drive combination for a motion control application depends on the analysis of the load that is to be driven by its performance goal.  A performance goal requires specifics of how far, how fast, and how often a given load needs to move.  Motion analysis determines the peak and rated horsepower a motor and drive combination needs to produce to perform as required.   The proper definition of the load and the actuator design should be as accurate as possible.

With the actuator size and the size of the load defined, the optimum performance will also determine the proper gearing between the motor and the load needed to achieve the goal.  Gearing selection is a trade-off between speed and torque at the given horsepower.   Varying a belt pulley ratio, leadscrew pitch, roll feed diameter, and/or gearbox ratio in the actuator design are examples of the gearing analysis that allows the designer to select the motor and drive combination that gives optimum system performance.

Optimum performance can be a tradeoff between system cost and initial goals.  Industrial Indexing Systems, works with our customers to achieve those goals and guarantees an agreed-upon performance standard.


Our motors are for complex environments such as food production, medical applications, oil refining, explosive liquid, dust and vapor atmospheres, and submersible assemblies.  Agency standards:  UL, cUL, ATEX, IECEx and FDA (rated and certified).


The EMax Positioner/Drive is a standalone full featured servo controller and drive combo. State of the art software minimizes hardware cost while maximizing features and performance.

The EMax Positioner/Drive is a standalone full featured servo controller and drive combo. State of the art software minimizes hardware cost while maximizing features and performance.


EMC-2100 Controller Tech Manual

User’s guide for the EMC-2100 Emerald Automation Controller.

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Emerald Development Environment (EDE)

EDE software tool is used for component management and software development for both the Emerald Series and the Luminary Series controllers.

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EMax Positioner/Drive

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