Registered Can Embossing

Design of Advanced Servo System for a Registered Can Embossing Machine for the Beverage Industry

An advanced servo system offers a new level of performance for registered can embossing in the packaging/beverage industry.

Registered Can Embosser MachineThis automated system embosses a body at production speeds up to 1,500 cans per minute. This IIS system design incorporated 24 servo controllers that were housed within a hexagonal enclosure and placed atop the machine. Also supplied and installed on the actual machine are a touch screen, 24 servo motors, 24 fiber optic sensors, a video-jet printer/encoder, as well as a slip ring assembly.

In addition, six separate enclosures were also built to house four station resolvers that acted as the master for each axis. All servo controllers were designed to communicate thorough a CAN-bus network with the entire motion system interfacing to the overall machine computer, a PLC.

The servo controllers, products of IIS, are part of the DELTAMAX series and provide full motion control flexibility. This flexibility allows the system to register the embossing to the printed material on the can for a perfect alignment. In addition, IIS designed an embedded processor system (RPV-100) that can turn on individual output signals based on the position of the main turret to provide real-time limit switch processing capabilities. This processor system also transmits the precise hour and second information of when each can was produced to a high-speed video-jet printer.

Within 847 milliseconds, this impressive, servo controlled can embossing system can feed a can into the system, register label decoration to a known position, emboss the can, and then release a finished product. IIS handled all enclosure fabrication and rigorous testing of this system in-house, ensuring that this new can embossing servo system fully met required CE compliancy. We now install these can embossing units throughout the globe, including in the US, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Norway, Poland, and Germany.


Registered Can Embossing Application Diagram

Product Description

This registered can embossing system produces 1500 cans per minute at a cycle time of 847 milliseconds per can.


Servo System Design


  • Design Incorporated 24 Servo Motors, Servo Drives, and Fiber Optic Sensors
  • Controls Housed in Hexagonal Enclosure
  • 6 Separate Enclosures House 4 Station Resolver Systems and an Auxiliary Position Resolver
  • All 24 Position Controllers Communicate Through CAN-bus back to a touch screen PC
  • Embosser Operates Independent of Customers PLC System
  • Servo Controllers Provide Full Motion Control Flexibility
    • For Registering the Embossing to the Printed Material on the can for Perfect Alignment
    • Designed Embedded Process System (RPV-100)
    • Provides Real Time Limit Switch Processing to Turn on Individual Output Signals Based on Position of Main Turret
    • Transmits Production Time Hour and Seconds to the Printer
  • Enclosures Fabricated by IIS

System Features

  • Cycle Time Under 847 milliseconds
    • Can Infeed
    • Can Pad Lift
    • Register Label Decoration to Known Position
    • Emboss
    • Can Pad Lowered
    • Finished Can Outfeed
  • Starwheel Delivery System Separates Printed Cans from Infeed Stream
  • Vacuum Holds Cans In Position During Embossing
  • Miniature Sensor Heads Mounted to Each Motor Assembly
    • Look for Laser Beam Reflected from Cans Surface
    • Servo Controller Aligns Can with Embossing Tooling
    • Lines Up Printed Logos and Trademarks
  • Touch Screen Interface
    • User can Compensate for Mechanical Harmonics
    • Review Machine Performance
    • Communicate through a Variety of Fieldbus Protocols
  • Each Servo Axis Linked by a CAN-bus Network
    • Each Servo Station Provides Statistical Performance Criteria
    • Allows for Greater Quality Control and Tooling Setup Analysis
  • Prints Current Time to Fraction of a Second onto Each Can Using High Speed Video-jet Printer
  • In process testing/inspection performed System is Put Through Rigorous In-House Test Cycle Before Shipment

Delivery Locations Canada

  • Colorado
  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • Norway
  • Poland

Standards Met

  • Certified Europe (CE) Marking

Product Name

  • Registered Can Embossing Servo System
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