Controller Connectivity Options

At Industrial Indexing Systems, we provide various connectivity configurations to facilitate the integration of our controllers to your automation network.

From the Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) to the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) we leverage the strength of various communications options to coordinate and integrate IIS’s family of controller and drive products. Our connectivity options also provide commissioning and remote support of our installed base of controllers.  Various configurations include:

  • TCP/IP over Ethernet
  • DeviceNet Master or Slave over CAN Bus
  • IIS Executive Protocol over Ethernet
  • IIS Executive Protocol over RS232
  • IIS Executive Protocol over Serial USB
  • Modbus RTU over RS485
  • VB, C, and C# software drivers for the IIS Executive Protocol
  • SERCOS Automation Network
Controller/Drive Connectivity (Various Configurations)
Family  Product Type Sercos II  Ethernet Serial USB  Rs-232 Rs-485 DeviceNet CC-link 
Emerald Automation Controller EMC-2100S2 x x(2) x x x(3)
Emerald Servo Drive ESD-xx/yCP x x
Emerald EMAX Single Positioner ESD-xx/yCP x
Luminary Controller LMC-400 x x
Luminary Drive LD-500 x(1) x(1)
Luminary Drive LD-101 x(1) x(1)
X-Max Single Positioner XMax x x
X-Series Servo Amp VLASX series x
X-Series Single Positioner VLPSX series x x x x
X-Series PLC Positioner VLNBX series x x x x

Note: 1 Modbus RTU
Note: 2 TCP / IP
Note: 3 Master or Slave


Cable Selections
Connectivity options Part Number
Sercos II  C-735xxx
Ethernet C-885xxx
Serial USB C-815xxx
Rs-232 C-987xxx
Rs-485 Belden 1348a
DeviceNet Belden 1348a
CC-link Belden 1348a

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