Cut-to-Register Drive System

Cut-to-register feed drives system provides advanced controls for a feed, punch and cut mechanism, and converting a spool of raw material into sections.

Application Description

The web of raw material containing registration marks must be punched and cut in precise registration to the printed mark on the web. The length of the cut piece, and batch count changes depending on production requirements and must be entered by the machine operator.

Application Solution

The EMAX 1-1/2 axis controller with touch-screen operator interface provides a simple solution for this application. A servomotor is configured to drive the feed rolls, and the following I/O’s are connected:


  • Cutter, punch


  • Registration sensor, UP/DOWN limits on both cutter and punch
  • The operator loads a fresh spool of material into the machine and enters the cut length and batch count.
  • The operator then presses initialize on the touch-screen operator interface and the servo feeds the material forward and stops at the registration mark.

Operator interface

The operator presses start and the feed sequence begins:

  • Turn on the punch and cutter
  • Wait for punch and cutter to be down
  • Turn off punch and cutter
  • Wait for punch and cutter to be up
  • Start servo feed
  • During the feed search for the registration mark
  • Stop at registration mark
  • Repeat
  • The feed sequence continues until the batch count is reached, a fault is detected or the operator manually stops the feed sequence.

Additional Application Features

  • The motion profile is a bell shaped minimum jerk profile to minimize web stretch and feed roller slip.
  • A double feed, one for cut and one for punch can be used to change the cut to punch dimension.
  • Loss of registration mark warning and/or shutdown.
  • Output from EMAX signals run sequence to unwind stand.

Other Industry Applications

  • Perforating press
  • Cut and seal
  • Feed drive
  • Progressive die part transfer

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