Motion Control

Motion technology from Industrial Indexing offers solutions for electronic gearing, electronic cams, and multi-axis coordinated motion that provide effective solutions for a wide range of factory automation and control applications. Contact us to discuss the details of your next application. Call us today at 585.924.9181 or submit a “Request for Quote” form below, and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

Motion Control Engineering Resources

Learn more about IIS motion control technology, and how it has created motion control solutions in a wide variety of factory automation and control applications.

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Motion Control Technology Overview

Multi-Axis Coordinated Motion

The heart of a multi-axis automation system is the ability to synchronize the motion of multiple motors to a designated “master” source device.

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Rotary Knife Machine Slicing Rolls

Rotary Knife Cutoff

Precision Motion Control Application

Cut-to-length process uses a rotary knife cutter and “recipe” storage to create flexible automation solution. A web of material is fed into the machine by a prime mover.

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Application Assistance

Industrial Indexing Systems assists engineers in creating motion control solutions, and has a primary, enduring goal to bring state-of-the-art servo system products to practical use on the factory floor.

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