Packaging Automation

Motion technology from Industrial Indexing offers solutions for electronic gearing, electronic cams, and multi-axis coordinated motion that provide effective solutions for packaging industry automation applications. Contact us to discuss the details of your next application. Call us today at 585.924.9181 or submit a “Request for Quote” form below.

Decades of Experience in Packaging Applications

Below are examples of the types of industrial automation and servo control applications that IIS has worked on in the packaging industry.

Modern Mfg flexible mail pouching machines

Flexible Pouching

Mail pouches, liquid pouches and small pouches.

Pouch making machinery is flexible to set up and operate, and fast and easy to make product changeovers.

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Wrap App

Rotary Sealing Packaging

Applications such as packaging candy bars.

Conveyor systems with side seal heated rolls and rotary cutter/sealer drum offer high performance packaging automation.

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Pick and Place Conveyor

Pick & place systems

X, Y, and Z positioning

High performance motion control solutions.

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Complete Listing of Packaging Applications

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Application Assistance

Industrial Indexing Systems assists engineers in creating motion control solutions, and has a primary, enduring goal to bring state-of-the-art servo system products to practical use on the factory floor. Contact us today to learn more.

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