Precision Speed Control Using Luminary Drives

Precision Speed Control using Luminary DrivesUsing a Luminary drive, speed of the motor shaft is measured on a periodic time-base and compared to the input target value. Any difference is applied as a correction to the torque control that is needed to accelerate or decelerate the motor shaft back to the desired speed.

System Overview

The IIS Luminary Digital Drive and motor combinations range from 50 watts to 3500 watts with speeds to 4000 RPM.

Luminary Drive

Luminary Digital Drives

  • Drive interface bypasses normal analog circuit path to allow access to digital registers which control operation of speed control loop.
  • Shaft speed stays constant within a small tolerance due to the quick reaction time of the correction applied to the torque control loop.
  • Consistent results for liquid mixing or pumping.
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