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Emerald Technology 2023

Explore the Emerald Servo Technology family of products and dive into a world of high-speed axis production and motion control efficiency. Discover products like:

  • Emerald Automation Controller: A state-of-the-art multi-axis controller tailored for high-demand applications. It not only synchronizes up to 32 servo axes but also boasts features like indexing, electronic gearing, and real-time process environment capabilities.

  • Emerald SERCOS II Drive: Harness the power of the latest servo technology with this drive. Integrated with the industry-standard SERCOS II controller, it forms a robust fiber optic network. Available in diverse sizes, it’s designed to cater to a wide spectrum of automation needs.

  • Automation Software Tools: Elevate your programming experience with the Emerald Motion Language™ (EML) and Emerald Development Environment™ (EDE). These tools are crafted for high-performance automation systems, ensuring quality application programming and seamless synchronization capabilities.

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