Luminary Series for Motion Control

Explore the Luminary Technology Solutions from IIS!

IIS Emerald Technology Product Line Brochure

Dive into the IIS Servo Technology Luminary series offerings and experience the pinnacle of advanced motion control and precision. Uncover standout products such as:

  • Luminary Servo Drives: A state-of-the-art drive system tailored for high-speed and high-precision applications. These drives are designed to deliver optimal performance, ensuring seamless motion control in demanding environments.


  • Luminary Servo Motors: Experience unparalleled motion control with these motors. Crafted for excellence, they boast impressive speed and torque ranges, making them ideal for high-performance tasks that require utmost precision.


  • Automation Controllers: Elevate your automation processes with these advanced controllers. They are engineered to provide superior synchronization and control capabilities, ensuring efficient and smooth operations across various applications.

Elevate your machine automation with the IIS Servo Technology Luminary series!
Download the IIS Luminary series Product Brochure now and delve deeper into the world of top-tier Servo Motors and Drives!