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Motion Product Family Mini Brochure Cover

Delve into the world of IIS Servo Technology’s advanced motion control solutions and uncover:

  • Emerald EMC-2100 Automation Controller: The EMC-2100™ is an open architecture, high-performance multi-axis programmable automation controller. Designed for applications that require tight coordination of multiple servo axes, I/O, and auxiliary equipment, it’s powerful enough to handle all control functions, potentially eliminating the need for additional devices like PLCs.
  • Emerald Motion Language (EML): The EMC-2100 controller is programmed using the Emerald Motion Language™, a robust BASIC-like language. Developed in the Emerald Development Environment™, it offers a project-oriented Windows environment, ensuring seamless application development.
  • Emerald Intelligent Servo Drives: The Emerald series of servo motors and drives present cost-effective solutions for the automation market. With a wide range of sizes and feature-rich functions, they stand out as some of the most versatile servos in today’s automation landscape.
  • Luminary Servo Drives: Luminary drives offer a competitively priced, high-performance servo drive solution. Whether it’s for x-y tables, actuators, or roll feeders, these drives are the ideal choice for true position, velocity, and torque control.
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