BS Servo Motors

Explore the Wide-Ranging Motor Series from IIS!

Shibaura BS Motors

Dive into the IIS Servo Technology offerings and immerse yourself in the realm of advanced motion control and precision. Discover exceptional products such as:

  • BS Servo V Series: A state-of-the-art motor series tailored for diverse applications. With speeds reaching up to 3000min-1 and power options spanning from 30W to 11kW, it promises adaptability and efficiency, ensuring optimal performance in various tasks.
  • BS Servo G Series: Experience the zenith of power with this motor series. Designed for demanding operations, it offers speeds of 2000min-1 and power capacities like 20kW, 33kW, and 55kW, making it the go-to choice for heavy-duty applications.
  • BS Servo T Series: Elevate your motion control experience with this balanced motor series. Offering speeds from 1500min-1 to 3000min-1 and power configurations up to 10kW, it’s crafted to ensure reliability and precision across a spectrum of applications.
Elevate your machine automation with the IIS Servo Technology!
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