Precision Speed Control: Medical Applications White Paper

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Precise Speed Control Medical Applications

Dive deep into the world of precise speed control in bioprocess and medical applications and discover:

  • Dynamic Response & Flexibility: Understand the universal platforms of Bioprocess Control Stations, capable of meeting the changing needs of biotech and pharmaceutical sciences. From microbial to cell culture and batch to fed-batch processing, these systems offer a range of features within an ultra-compact footprint.
  • Advanced Control Algorithms: Gain insights into bioreactor control systems that monitor and control pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), and temperature with PID control. Real-time signals control the mixer’s servo motor and turn the heater on or off under computer control.
  • Luminary Motion Technology: Discover how medical device manufacturers use Luminary servo drive technology to easily configure applications using a digital drive interface option, ensuring quick and accurate speed control.
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