In-Motion News Report – January 2021

January 2021

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Featured Product

Luminary Steppers Motors and Drives   

Designed with the OEM in mind, the Luminary Series Stepper Motors and Drives pack a full complement of interface options including:

Versatile interface
Stepper motor with servo performance
Full control for less cost

Brochure Review

Luminary Series for Motion Control

At-a-glance our 24 page brochure gives a complete overview of the Luminary Technology products.  This series offers digital servo drives and motors, stepper drives and motors and automation controllers, along with a variety of development software tools.

Product Overview pages 2, 3 Explains the product’s versatility and how the Luminary Series can be tailored for the Fortune 500 to OEM companies.
Digital Servo Drives pages 4, 5 This is an alternative low cost option compared to the stepper or servo control systems.  The L-Drive software allows for easy set-up along with Digital Interface Options resulting in a cost-effective high volume manufacturing environment.
Servo Motor pages 6 to 11 Helps you select the proper motor and drive combination depending on the customer’s application.  Motion analysis determines the peak and rated horsepower a motor and drive combination needs to perform as required.
Stepper Motors and Drives pages 12, 13 Designed with the OEM in mind the Stepper system offers flexible design options such as analog velocity, torque control, digital encoder feedback and digital input and output control points.  Electronic Cam Motion and gearing are obtainable when networked with the Emerald Motion Language or the EDE Software Tool Kit.
Automation Controller pages 14, 15 Features multi-axis capability to control four Luminary Series Drives and provide access to 36 I/O points.  Networking with the Emerald Motion Language allows for high performance motion sequencing and operator interaction via touchscreens, ASCII terminals or a PC.
OEM Design Services pages 16 to 23 Design concept behind the Luminary series is displayed here, along with Digital Interface Options that makes this product ideal for companies from the Fortune 500 to OEMs.

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