Five Axis Veneer Slicing Machine

Servo controls are enabling a veneer-slicing machine to cut sheets as thin as 0.005 in. with a 0.001-in. tolerance. The five-axis servo control system that makes this possible comes from Industrial Indexing Systems (IIS). The slicer, developed by Capital Machine…read more

Complete Motion Control Solutions

Industrial Indexing Systems, Inc. has over three decades of experience providing state-of-the-art servo motion control products and solutions ideally suited to OEM products. We have been steadily growing since 1977 and since then have become the exclusive distributor for TOEI…read more

Luminary Series

When you’re in the OEM market, you want to keep costs down as much as possible while maintaining high performance. Your bottom line is directly related to the efficiency of the equipment you use, so getting the highest quality at…read more