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Brushless Servo Motors

Complete selection of brushless servomotors ranging from 30 to 30,000 Watts, various encoder and resolver feedback options, low and medium…

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Dual Axis Back-Folding Control System

Servo controlled upgrade package for the back-folding conversion system with built-in flexibility and optimum performance

Motion Solutions For Medical Applications 1

Medical Applications Leverage Precise Speed Control

Bioprocess control stations and benchtop bioreactors use servo motor controls to implement more sophisticated bioreactor control strategies.

Stepper Drives Deliver Servo Performance

Designed specifically for OEM machinery control applications, the Luminary Series Stepper Drives from Industrial Indexing Systems offers servo-level motion performance,…

Controlling Speed Can Be Crucial

Precise speed control is crucial for reliable results in a variety of motion control applications. Knowing the speed is set…

Luminary Digital Interface Options

Besides the built-in analog input and encoder output ports, the LD drives will also accept an interface card for custom…

Luminary Stepper Motors and Drives

  Designed with the OEM in mind, the Luminary Series Stepper Drive packs a full complement of interface options. Versatile…