Material handling, smart conveyor control

A leading packaging machinery OEM is using servo motion control for high velocity material handling, smart conveyors and registration control on printed materials.

Packaging Process Innovations

Use of advanced automation and servo motion control offers reliability for smart conveyor and material handling packaging applications.

  • Carrier Feeder: Utilized for carrier product feeding applications.
  • Alignment Conveyor: Aligns material positioning, and spacing of the incoming carrier.
  • Rotary Pick & Place with Realignment: Uses vacuum pressure to pick up the cards and affix them on to the carrier.
  • Smart Feeder: Utilized for intelligent and reliable feeding of product.
  • Vacuum Transport: Provides smooth, efficient, variable speed transport for carrier.

Check out the videos below for details on Secure Card Packaging, SIM Card Packaging and Specialized Packaging.

SIM Card Packaging

Pack-Smart’s innovative personalization and secure packaging solutions SIM card packaging achieves complete automation and traceability with 0%-defect manufacturing.

Specialized Packaging

Exclusive “Virtual Machine Platform” coupled with fiber optic networking and brushless servo technology enables our customers to adopt and react to constant changes in product design and industry requirements.

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