Dual Axis Back-Folding Control System

Dual-Axis-Back-Folding-SystemServo controlled upgrade package for the back-folding conversion system with built-in flexibility and optimum performance

We provide servo solutions for all types of automation. One of our popular packages is the servo-controlled upgrade package designed for a high speed back-folding system. Used in the box-making process to accurately form, fold and glue the flaps on the back end of cardboard sheets.

Precision Indexing Motion

Easy Setup Sequences

The back-end folding phase for a box accommodates different size flaps and box widths. Easy setup sequences, presented by the touchscreen HMI operator interface, provide quick changeovers and adjustments for fine-tuning the back-folding process.

  • Designed for the industrial environment
  • Built-in Flexibility
  • High-Speed Performance
  • Touchscreen HMI OPI
  • Easy Set-up
  • Advanced Software Techniques

Servo Control Technology

Dual Axis Back-Folding Video

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