Cut-to-Length Stacking Control Supercharges Production

Multi-axis servo motion controller streamlines and supercharges cut-to-length production–coordinates the motion of feed/pinch rolls, rotary cutters, and stacker wheels.

At IIS, we’ve designed many control systems using our multi-axis servo motion controller to streamline and supercharge cut-to-length production. Built to maintain tight tolerances at fast production speeds, the IIS Emerald EMC-2100 automation controller coordinates the motion of feed/pinch rolls, rotary cutters, and stacker wheels – enabling hands-free and reliable stacking control.

Cut To Length Stacking Control Application

Servo-Driven Cut-to-Length Stacking Control

Features include:

  • Operator interface with cut length, stack count, line speed status
  • Live production diagnostics and error messages
  • Master motor control for simplified synchronization of all three servomotors
  • In-process cutter adjustments to align cut with registration mark
  • Completed stack alerts
  • Emerald controller facilitates control of auxiliary equipment and PLC interface

Find out how our automated cut-to-length application works and all included features here:

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