In-Motion News Report – August 2022

August 2022

Welcome back to our bi-annual news report!

With the normality of life returning, take charge and run your day or the day will run you!

You will find the latest marketing/sales news, website updates, product information, and more, so bookmark this webpage location for future relevance as it’s not accessible via the IIS website.

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Website Updates

Our IIS web site has recently gone through behind the scenes re-structuring and front end visual updates.  We recently sent out a Constant Contact email informing you of the changes with a request to check out your representative web page…

Upon reviewing your representative page, if you have any changes, please contact Tina Ebmeyer with updates

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Sales/Marketing Updates

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Featured Software

Emerald Development Environment (EDE) 

EDE software tools provide project management utilizing a system component configuration window to manage all the drives, I/O devices and files used in an automation system. EDE is used for component management and software development for both the Emerald Series and the Luminary Series controllers.

Application Development The EDE program code editor is easy to use and provides a debugging window for program development support
Real-Time Scope Real-time scope functions display the motor velocity and torque responses to assure the required motor response is achieved
Real-Time Servo Tuning Once the motor and the drive are installed you can fine tune the motor’s response by adjusting the servo loop parameters for maximum performance
Windows Environment Applications are developed with the EDE software in a project-oriented Windows Environment

Coming Soon!

  • Round-table video conference discussion to keep you in the loop
  • Revamp of the ‘Luminary Series For Motion Control’ product brochure
  • Emerald Options web page
  • White Paper – Reciprocating Cut-Off
  • Two NEW industry articles
  • NEW product launch